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The evil

Its not evil, there is no evil, there is no darkness, when the light is not there it becomes dark that’s it, but nobody can create something that emits dark.. there is no dark, its absence of everything , something good – the truth is, there is no light, those who dislike something they are not evil, they just don’t know how to appreciate it, that’s all… a little awareness will make them appreciate good in the future, its can be called as ignorance or they just plainly lack wisdom knowledge. But there is no darkness, its just no light.



The journey

Ek lamhe main simat gaya hai sadiyon ka safar..
Zindagi tej..bohot tej chali ho jaise..
Ummeed se jyada hi mila hai aksar
Haathon se sab kuch choo liya ho jaise..
Kyun nahi milta sukoon-e-dil tu bataa e NOOR magar..
Fir bhi bohot sara jeene ki kwahish ho jaise…


After three hours of glossy, bulky sub drama, a graceless one on one battle between Maharawal and Khilji comes to an end followed by the animated climax.

Bhansali has been as disappointing as ever, mysteriously again failed to make it a point to answer the question – why this movie ?

Wrong choice of characters, Maharaval more than a king was looking like a security guard of Chittor fort and Khilji- not sure what was expected out of him, an eunuch himself with Shutarmurgh, or a Monkey or a Bear. More than controversy on Maharani – and Rajput’s getting annoyed, it should be Brahmins (the way Raghav Chetan was treated) and Musician’s (the way conversation on Raag Yaman went), who should object and request a ban on this visual.

Except for shots on Singhal Pradesh during initial 10 mins and Khilji’s monkey dance post interval, audience had been wanting and missed the scenes made for 3D.

With all this high drama before the movie release, Bhanasali again successfully gets audience to watch another of his movies.

However at the end Art wins again and loads of congratulations from the art lover to an artist Bhansali  for courage, showmanship,  believing in himself

Within you

Music is the art of listening divine and infinite silence within you. May God Ganapati gives all of us the power to express our silence. Strength -not to utter any opinions, not to demand anything, not to condemn anything, not to speak anything, yes I mean anything. Just listen to Indra’s chapu, taandava, laasya, breathlessness, colors, crows, cows, butterflies. No talks on media, politics, man, woman, heaven, hell, families, headlines, highlights, lowlights, revolutions, achievements success, failures,  spectrum, world, countries, earnings,  traffic, money –anything, nothing –nothing-nothing .