Bhatiyaar and Bhairavi in the academy

The day was the beginning of a new week in Delhi.
It was 6AM in the morning and the raag was Bhatiyaar,which for ages I’ve only heared about, but never listened to in any of the live performances.
The reason would have been that not many concerts are taking place now a days in the morning as early as 5AM ,the time at which it is usually sung.

My association with Aneeshji has been very recent but it seems that it has been for ages that I knew him,as a person and as a mentor.
Not only him but also his troup ,it seems has been associated with me.The gesture and companionship they did show towards me was really enthralling.
Sudhir ji has a long relationship with Goa(his gurus Pdt.Tulsidas Borkar and Pdt. Jitendra Abhishki Bua are both from Goa).Goa is the place where I learned and inculcated the passion about the music.

The one very intersting fact I have observed is that ,I planned to become a good musician under Aneeshji’s tutelage but now end up starting to learn to become a
good human being,after all that is the most important objective of one’s life , above all success and achievements ,isn’t it?

Met “Sudev Sheth” in the concert ,who is doing his graduation in University of California-Berkeley in “Political Science & South Asian Music”.Sudev is also learning under Aneeshji and
could found in him a very humble ,keen student of music.He has come to Delhi as an exchange program and to study about the Indian Music in Delhi and it’s developement in the last couple of centuries.Pretty nice research topic .

Lalit Kala Academi Studio in Garhi east Of Kailash was filled with the overwhelming presence of ART enthusiasts.
The students,professors,professionals mostly of whom were bengalis because the program was organised in the memory of late “Sankho Choudhury”.

The mehfil ended with the Bhairavi raag and bhajan in the same raag.The chirpings of birds,and white colour of curtains was creating a divine and peaceful environment.It was an open space
surrounded by the hostel ,a garden ,maidan and sculptures and paintings made by the fellow students of the academy.Inspired to learn and devote my carnal body to the development of Music.

Saraswati Poojan in the land of Parshuram

India is performing badly in the World cup hockey.My heart is dissatisfied.Didn’t apply feets on the football either due to various reasons.First the big party,then “drama” and on the last day preponing of the schedule for the “Stingray” understanding.The accidental death of crocodile hunter was a blow for the adventure freaks like me .

But believe me ,the life is rocking at the Music front.Inspired by Spicmacay’s programs and my “To be program” on 31st/1st/2nd ,I did buy a Lehara Machine from Radel India.After purchasing a Digital Tambora for Taai (the Raagini one ),this is one of the best investments I must’ve made in my career.From here one thing is pretty sure,I have only to look forward ,as the sky is the limit.

Saraswati Puja is getting closer,and most of my time is being spent on deciding the strategy for the big event.My index finger is getting stronger day by day ,after getting damaged saving a goal,this is the best I could expect.The throat of Ameya is also recovering from the infection as too the one of Tanay .
Saraswati –
Sur ki mati
Har gati, madhur sangeet ki ladi,
Unonhe Pakadi hai rakhi I
Apne hat me ‘Saptsur’ ki kadi I

Saraswati –
Sundar divya murti ki prati
Anand dhund kar rahi,
Jaise jogi ki asamanjas priti I
Bhula di mujhe gaye samay ki kshati I

Saraswati –
Pandita ki aardak shakti
Ved, puran, mantra, jap ki
Drushti me vedhak vruti I
sab samaj lene ki adhbut budhi I

Saraswati –
Ma ki mamata nazar aai
Yogini ki tejomay Chabi I
N dhalnevali, ekagra se hai baithi I
Aaj de rahi ashirvad khushi I
Mai rahu tere kadamo me har ghadi I

Rocking in the Rains

Well almost finished my work in Pune,yet to visit Pt.Suresh Samant,which I guess ,I must meet when I am back from Mumbai and Goa.The rain god has calmed down as soon as I reached here in Pune and hopefully I’ll be able to pacify him in Mumbai and Goa as well.

I am going to Panaji and Ponda ,and am sure that will be able to get ettled with at least two solo musical concerts in next coming few months.Saraswati puja is definitely one of them( towards Dassera),when I am going to perform for half an hour and with Ameya on raag Todi and Bheem Palasi with some bhajans.

Don’t know wether will come down to Pune also or not ,let us see.

For next couple of days ,Kamalakar Sir will surely be taking my all kinds of tests in classical musical accompaniement(some tappas,pancham sawari,vilambit ektaal) and beleive me I am going to enjoy the same fully.

Great to understand that Aneeshji is undergoing a great tour of Ensemble music in Germany and rest of the europe.Now just waiting to meet hom in person in Delhi or Mumbai.

Another good news is that my article on cycling : a spiritual experience is going to published in a magzine “e-Stripes”.

Hind Desh Ki Jang

Our hindu rashtra has always fought against the invasions ,whether it was (Greek)Alexander,Salucus Nikator or English or Portogese or Hunas,Shakas and Yawans or Mughuls.Our very own Porus,Chandragupta (Mourya),Pushayamitra,Agnimitra(Pushya),Kanishka(kalinga) ,Vikramaditya (Morya) or then Rajguru,Bhagat Singh,or Tilak and many .Gradually I started hating Ashoka and Ambedkar for whatever they have done aginst the vedic dharma.When I was just going through the mesmerising history on indian wars and Independence (Veerji’s “Saha Soneri Paane”),Ameya from Goa was reading something on 1947-the struggle and launched this small EPIC.Let us enjoy do a “Rang De Basanti”.

Desh-seva ka uthaya tha Viro ne bida,
Angrejo ke julm ka takara diya kila |

Khun se lath-path ho jati, sare jaha ki Bhoomi,
Lal rang ki yaad karati, har Javano ki puri kami |

Jhelakar sab dukh ko mani, jindagi dil jani ,
Mati ki Mamata ka tha, Har Koyi ek bund pani |

‘ Vande Mataram’ jayghosh kehkar, uthti rahi chingari ,
“Bhagat singh, Rajguru”; ki faasi, rang layi Bharat ki Ajadi |

‘Bharat Chodo’ Gandhi ne bhi mari dhanya pukar bhari ,
Chalti rail ki tod dali patari ekdam sari |

Maa ki ansuo me bhi dekhi, khilte ful ki kahani ,
Mrut Bete ko dekh garv se Rehti – jaise jitke aayi Rani |

Aaisa hota sirf apni punya (pujya) Hindustan nagari,
Jay-bolo jay-bolo “Amar javan”, Apko meri vandana pyari |


Currently reading a book titled “Naad-Vedh” in marathi,which is written by Mr.Achyut Godbole.It describes the writer’s passion about the music in general and how did he enjoy the same .I received the book from Goa ,which is published by a Pune based agency.Surprisingly I couldn’t see it when I was in the same city.

Nad-bramh ka nad sunaye
Om namo omkar gaye.
Gate, gate apne jivatmaka,
Paramanand, anand badhaye.

Vedh lagake sur me gaye
Ek-ek swar ki mala bunaye.
Sambhalkar, ekagra ho jaye
Apni sargam ki maja lutaye.

Sat swaro ki puja karake
Chupi Khilti subah sajaye.
Aaisa karake dekh le manava,
Gana sundar suramay bhaye.

Swar ka gan, satya se chede
Man ka mel tab jag rijhaye.
Aaisa lagav lag-jaye ki,
Yis punya sangeet ki sabako
Dhund, sugandh pratima dikhaye.

The Eclipse

I wished to have all the happiness,greenary..
Each leaf of fall now belongs to me.

I wished, I would have every drop of water..
This rain, full of sorrow now belongs to me.

I thought of collecting all the colourfull flowers..
Each nail of tree now belongs to me.

I wished, I would gather the whole beautiful scenary…
I lost eyes, blindness is what belongs to me.

I wished I would have all the stars & the moon…
It got eclipse, darkness is what would be!

Sur – Tal ki Nav

On tha auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima ,the Sriganesh was done by Raag Yaman.Let the time for the performance be very small .Anyways what can obstruct a channel to be made with the ultimate energy-at least not the time.

Ek Nav khadi hai Is paar,
“Sur – Tal” nam diya maine use hai aaj,
Meri hai Vo man ki dular ||

Jana use hai tadipar,
Karke sundarsa saj-sringar,
Besudh hoke, rakhake khudki laaj ||

Is Nav me sangeet hai samaya,
Sare sagar ko kardegi, madhur gane se belad,
Laya se nachegi woh, ‘Shri Nateshwar’ ka bhas ||

Sun re manava, agar jaye is Nav se aap,
Khushnasib samajho, ganese hojayega pyar |
Aam admi se banake ‘Gavayee’ ka rubab,
Rang dalega aaj ‘amrut’ bhara sansar ||


Our Gurus,their teachings,humbleness,respect and discipline has moulded us in an altogether different steel.We have become successful ,because there is no fear.Just freedom and enlightenment to the very core.Want to know the reason of this smile,this careless attitude ,the child inside us-“the musicians……..”

Sangeet Ek Kala Hai
Har Ek Ko Di Huyi Salah Hai
Kabhi Bichadna Nahi Usase
Woh To Jindagi Ka Ek Kissa Hai ||

Sangeet Ek Pathshala Hai
Gahri Neendnd Se Jagne Ki Ek Dava Hai
Agar Chipke Raho Tum Isase
Mano Badle Jindagi Ka Nazara Hai ||

Sangeet Khushbu Ka Bhandar Hai
Rangbirange Aaine Ka Karva Hai
Sans-se-Sans Leneka Ek Alag Tarika Hai
Bas Japte Rehna yis Maha-mantra Ko
Guru Ka Diya Hua Ujiyara Hai ||

Sangeet Ek Duniya Hai
Rehna Sada Pas – ye Kahati Hai
Kyun Ki Jaan Lena Khudse,
Ye BHAGVAN ki yaad dilati Hai,
Achanak Ek Mod Pe RAB-se milati Hai.||

Bharat Vandana

Sudden outburst of patriotism from my dear friend Ameya is presented here.I have been from the Rajput land ,the land of the king Puru ,continuous reading of Veerji’s books and fervent discussions with Ameya regarding several subjects including good music ,our own spiritualism and good people -may be this is what has caused him to write or explode it.

Ek Vatan Hai Hamara
Karana Use hame hai Salam
Javan, Kisaan Hum Sab Ke Bhai
Milke Japana Hai ‘Bharat’ Nam ||

Sarv Dharm Ek Saman
Is Ujwal Bharat Maa Ke
Hum Hai Unke Bachche
Hasi, Khushi Usme Hum Hai Sajee ||

Jab ‘ Sab Ka Malik Ek Hai’
Hum Sabke Sath
Chalte Rehena Hai Hume
Karte Har Mushkil Par ||

‘Jai Hind’ Bolo, Vandan Karlo
Is Pyare Bhumi Ko
‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ Ka Rahasya
Kauno Nahi Hai Or ||

Jina Marna Hai Hume
Hind Desh Ke Sang
Yaad Rakhana Har Ghadi
Bharat Khushiyo Se Rang ||

In the land of Prithwiraj Chouhan

What an adventure it would have been ,when one goes in the hottest part of the world in the summers ,that too temperature is not at all looking back.Moreover when one has just returned from one of the coldest part on the earth.Yes ,we did it and that too in style.

This time I was accompanied by Sudeep for the journey and we left for Jaipur and then to Ajmer.For long I desired to go there but somehow couldn’t.The land of Swami Dayanand Saraswati ,who wrote Satyartha Prakash, the la nd of Rajput king Prithviraj Chouhan and also the great sufi Saint Moinuddin Chisti.

Did see the house of Chand Bardai the poet friend of the king ,who wrote the great “Prithviraj Raso “.Had a jaljira and some kulfis ,the quality of which was much much better than ,what we were used to, in other parts of the nation..Worth having a taste.

Entered the Dargah Sharif,but my dear friend made a mistake by getting confused with the Masjid and Dargah Sharif,and he started doing the 5PM namaj,after having a woojoo.May be it was his first experience with going inside some masjid.The namaj went on for almost half an hour and suddenly we started feeling rejuvenated .We had a darshan of dargah sharif and soon left for the Pushkar ji(the only temple of Brahma).

The beautiful place ,the gigantic ghats and innumerable ashramas for staying and doing some mediatation.May be I’ll have to come back there for some prolonged period ,it was calling me for a longer stay.

“Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman, Ete pai Sultan hai (Taa Upar hai Sultan). Ab mat chuko Chauhan.”