Where to Start?

Why you should get to know me :
Because there is much more to me than meets the eye, and at least half of it is actually good stuff.
I write mostly when I am shaken – So you might find that most of the posts were written when I was feeling low.

Almost everything in my life has been serendipitous. It was like one rope leading to a point, that I thought was a kind of summit, and then another leading to the next and so here I am as of now after some mind boggling experiences.

Did my Bachelor in Engineering from BIT Durg,Chhattishgarh.
Did a Post Graduate Course from Indian Institute of Technology ,Mumbai..
Did Diploma (PG) from Bitmapper,Pune.
Currently working on Research and Development in Embedded & Product Engineering domain-VLSI/Embedded Technology.
A hardcore educationist and philosopher by thought and action.. :0)

A poet ,a sportsman or a musician , a homeopath or an astrologer is what I would have loved to see myself becoming but the divine power has thought/planned something else for me ,and here I am an engineer ,a scientist -thoroughly enjoying my work,passionately living because of Music(all kinds of especially indian classical -instrumental ,Poetry-Sufi (Mevlana Rumi),Mirza Ghalib,Ahmad Faraz,Faiz Ahmad Faiz being the motivators ,sports and psycho astrology.