Ameya is my gurubhai.We both are the deciples of Pt.Kamlakar Naik for the Vocal Indian Classical Music.A devoted ,spiritual and enlightened soul who has consecrated his life to the MUSIC ,MUSIC and MUSIC.Let us read what he feels and thinks about the Music.

‘Music is the fourth great material want of our nature – first food, then raiment, then shelter, then MUSIC – Bovee

Music is the language of universe. Gustav Mahlier calls it as ‘a mysterious language from the beyond’. At every outfit, music find its own place; may be at cultural festivals, sports venue or any social gathering. It is true that music is vani i.e. voice. It is believed that man must have found the music in nature’s attributes of rhythm and harmony. The music of nature – the roar of the ocean, the peltering sound of the breeze, the whistling sound of the rain, the rhythmic beat of the waves, the call of the birds might have awakened musical sensitivity in man. Nature has given a start to the melody of music or rather to music itself. In other words I mean to say that God has descended a vast and evergreen field of music through its natural elements.

A human being was clever enough to channelise its roots into an understanding system. Traditionally speaking within our Indian culture we can split our horizon of music broadly into Hindustani classical (north Indian) and Karnataki classical (south Indian).

Delius says music as ‘the outburst of soul’. It is true. One cannot separate human soul and music. To render music in its vocal or instrumental form, first soul who initiates and then our physical body works out to successfully inspire and delivers a self expression in-front of the public. Whenever I think about a definite effect to happen from the musical environment, it is the initiation or cause of the soul to fulfill its thirst. Music easily lends itself to the expressions of all human feelings whether they may be love, joy, sorrow, fear, anger or devotion.

Whenever we hear music, our soul brightens up and we remain satisfied, such is the glow and beauty in itself music possesses. It is an imaginative way of human feeling or expression. Hence in my view everyone should feel the presence of music in their own way; either by listening to its melody or venturing out in the beauty of nature to find one. It vanish away all the sorrows of life and kinder happiness.

Hunt says, ‘Music is the medicine of the breaking heart’. ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life’, Berthold Auerbach found out. So to say shortly Music is the solution to all problems.

Music can change the life of an individual. It can transform devil soul into a divine soul. Such is the mystery and mastery of music. Music brings discipline into ones life, to show the road to ultimate peace and reality.
Luther says, ‘Music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners, she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable’.

Within twenty- four hour day cycle time, music has its own phase of expression, however the instinct of music can be conveyed at any interval of time. To say in our classical style (Raga style), we have instances of a particular Raga to be rendered. For example: Raga Bhairav at the dawn phase, Raga Bhimpalasi to be performed at its afternoon phase and say Raga Yaman at the evening phase. This gives rise to systematic understanding or rather fitting of the glamour of music to its environment conditions. In this way one can analyse the different self expressions (bhava) of the human being. But one should not restrict rendering a particular Raga only at that phase of time, one can do it randomly any how, for music is love and to forecast love one must not wait for time , it is boundless, a infinite journey.

Music consists primarily of Swara which is the basin or backbone of its system. When it stands firmly, and to make it real; Tala, Laya comes along with it and meet i.e. when these three zones meet on one platform they generate light (Jyot) or rather an infinite torch. I understand music as sunrays because of which our earth exists and human beings live happily.

Our great Guru and legendary maestro Miya Tansen has given a golden rule to his all disciples: ‘First set up your Swara (Shadja or Sa) [as there are seven notes (Swaras) in our music octave: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa Dha, Ni] to its proper pitch intensity (tone) and then starts rendering music (may be vocal or instrumental) in its own ecstasy’ (pratham sur sadhe, feer baith gunin mei ras ki kare fuhar).

Aldous Huxley says, ‘After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music’. Music is music in itself. It has its own way of communication; however the final goal is to emotionally please everyone.
At silence as one remains plainful, serene; in similar line music empowers the link of silence to the human soul. When human soul listens to music, there remains a quiet peace, a silent association internally with music, a kind of duplex communication. A perfect touch of heart to heart. A heart of music to the heart of human soul.

There is lot more to learn from music. Music has no boundaries. I believe that one should live with music, speak to it, feel it and enjoy it. Along with the benefits that music sprinkles on us, our role in music must be a significant contribution to our society towards emotional and social growth. This will lead to integrity and unity of mankind throughout the globe.

One cannot learn music simply, a Guru is a must. With hand to hand (Guru with his disciple), always musical system travels. Pope has rightly pointed out: ‘Music resembles poetry; in each are numerous graces which no methods teach, and which a master hand alone can reach’. Disciple learns under the guidance of Guru. With His (a master, a perfectionist) teaching, love, truthfulness one can get blessed and climb the ladder of success. As success comes to only those who analyse things in music and listen to minute details preached by his Guru. Without a Guru there is no start and stop for music; for Guru is like God (Lord Saraswati) and to be with Him is divine purity.

As Plato says, ‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. The effect of music is so much more powerful and penetrating than that of other art’. So set up yourself and starts pursuing life in touch of music. With your Guru float in vast ocean of music. Accumulate music in all walks of your life. Along when you will travel, your heart will be soothed and life will be tension free. You shall be a lucky individual to understand yourself with music, as music itself is a present God has bestowed on you to track down all worries and brighten up your life.


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