My friend needs some help for firefox extension/plugin for seeing Indian fonts.
Can anyone help him? (By developing, or giving him reference of similar projects, or if the plugin is already available, then directly tell us the project
site url.)

Can anybody here make a firefox extension/plugin for seeing Indian fonts
for the electoral rolls website of maharashtra at

The election commission relies on cdac for a plugin which works only on windows’ internet explorer and thus CDAC promotes use of the proprietary system instead of the superior open source products which are evolving faster with having all those cliche’ advantages , than the proprietary products.

By showing expertise in such projects, government mandarins will know where to get help/advice for egovernance projects in open source instead of mothballed organisations like CDAC which have become lethargic and bureaucratic in their functioning and decades behind in technology.

Even after the wave of optimism and determination shown in the speeches and elsewhere by the concerned top government officials in front of the public of united ,liberated and independent India -if still organisations of research and developement interests like CDAC do the same old mistakes (whatever be the reason),then it’ll definitely make the path to salvation more so difficult.

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