Life is something ,one must observe making oneself free ,this one couldn’t express better than the following lines.

After posting the erudite article that Aneeshji has published in the newsapaper ,which raises a very serious concern over the condition of musicians in addition with politicised version of the media and relationships between government, the artist and even now a days audience or the crowd.

No wonder what happens
Do not loose the personality of yours
No wonder what happens
For you are different
In comparison to others consideration.

Live the life as it comes
No wonder what happens
Since life is a journey
In which you have to flow.

Have the faith in Almighty
No wonder what happens
Remember He is the creator, pervador
and destroyer; only called to be yours.

Help the needy
And render the service of yourself
No wonder what happens
Life is to give with no eye of expectations.

Leave this world(life), saying bye-bye
No wonder what happens
Making this a better place of now
Than you would have lived.