What an adventure it would have been ,when one goes in the hottest part of the world in the summers ,that too temperature is not at all looking back.Moreover when one has just returned from one of the coldest part on the earth.Yes ,we did it and that too in style.

This time I was accompanied by Sudeep for the journey and we left for Jaipur and then to Ajmer.For long I desired to go there but somehow couldn’t.The land of Swami Dayanand Saraswati ,who wrote Satyartha Prakash, the la nd of Rajput king Prithviraj Chouhan and also the great sufi Saint Moinuddin Chisti.

Did see the house of Chand Bardai the poet friend of the king ,who wrote the great “Prithviraj Raso “.Had a jaljira and some kulfis ,the quality of which was much much better than ,what we were used to, in other parts of the nation..Worth having a taste.

Entered the Dargah Sharif,but my dear friend made a mistake by getting confused with the Masjid and Dargah Sharif,and he started doing the 5PM namaj,after having a woojoo.May be it was his first experience with going inside some masjid.The namaj went on for almost half an hour and suddenly we started feeling rejuvenated .We had a darshan of dargah sharif and soon left for the Pushkar ji(the only temple of Brahma).

The beautiful place ,the gigantic ghats and innumerable ashramas for staying and doing some mediatation.May be I’ll have to come back there for some prolonged period ,it was calling me for a longer stay.

“Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman, Ete pai Sultan hai (Taa Upar hai Sultan). Ab mat chuko Chauhan.”

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