Well almost finished my work in Pune,yet to visit Pt.Suresh Samant,which I guess ,I must meet when I am back from Mumbai and Goa.The rain god has calmed down as soon as I reached here in Pune and hopefully I’ll be able to pacify him in Mumbai and Goa as well.

I am going to Panaji and Ponda ,and am sure that will be able to get ettled with at least two solo musical concerts in next coming few months.Saraswati puja is definitely one of them( towards Dassera),when I am going to perform for half an hour and with Ameya on raag Todi and Bheem Palasi with some bhajans.

Don’t know wether will come down to Pune also or not ,let us see.

For next couple of days ,Kamalakar Sir will surely be taking my all kinds of tests in classical musical accompaniement(some tappas,pancham sawari,vilambit ektaal) and beleive me I am going to enjoy the same fully.

Great to understand that Aneeshji is undergoing a great tour of Ensemble music in Germany and rest of the europe.Now just waiting to meet hom in person in Delhi or Mumbai.

Another good news is that my article on cycling : a spiritual experience is going to published in a magzine “e-Stripes”.