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  1. Miguel

    Wow I don’t even know universities still prhaeecs Keynesian economics (which university did she actually went to?) that’s really a strange piece of news (and of course stupid words from the broom-haired one). ????????????????? true and not true. In terms of teaching undergraduates, universities tend to teach neo-classical economics (and claim that it’s the mainsteam) with some picnic sessions telling students how stupid the (neo-)Keynesian system was and still is. In reality (i.e. reaseach and in i-banks) people just use computer programs to data mine. It’s not even economics anymore.To be honest, people like monetarism simply because it’s how the global economy is being run right now (and probably with better efficiency than before).Apart from ?sound bite , the main reason why (wannabe) politicians love Keynesian economics is that it gives them excuses to interfere with the economy to gain short-term political benefit, even if the long term it harms the economy as a whole. In truth, Keynesian is too short sighted.(NB I am also a wannabe economics undergraduate student at the moment )

  2. Tatyana

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  3. Azamat

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