I need some peeple who can sit with me for some time(a few hours/a few days) and discuss the creativity and expressions.
There are currently three projects in hand with “Rhythm Seven -a Goa,Pune/Mumbai based Music-Art related organisation”.

A.Already published book to be made into movie or animation for children.The book is a tutorial for the musical instrument for children below the age of 15.
Needs–Dreamweaver,Flash,Python/Perl scripts,Photoshop etc.

B.Needs artistic imagination in painting and drawing/sketches for a to be published book of Poetry in hindi .Colours are to be important in the designs and each expression will be associated with a theme in the context.
Needs–Pencil sketches,colour drawings etc.

C.Design of a ART related website based on Open Source templates/software with the integration of e-commerce

Credit will be given to the designers and compensation can be negotiated.
There are many more projects in the pipeline and the above 3 pilot projects can decide the future course of actions 🙂

The assignment is best defined as The collection of explorations in creativity. In this concept I refuse to limit myself to one line of thought, one tool, one idea, one medium. Yes, it is about music, painting, drawing, writing, thinking, video, animation ,sketches and the list goes on.

The practical side has been possible for me because of the use of open source tools. In these days of digitized communication, publicity and working tools, it has become virtually impossible for regular working people without a high income, to get the necessary software, at least legally. I share the open source ideal of giving everyone the chance to learn, and to be creative. Therefore I’ve decided to use as much as much open source tools as I can, to give my projects a chance .

  • To inspire other people to use open source tools because they really give you many more possibilities
  • Earn and share money.
  • Expressing ourselves with monetary expectations.