My Guruji has launched one book that is the first in the series of how to teach students between the age of 8 to 15 about learning the musical instruments.Was ably supported by Anand Hirvey through sketches and images.
Have a glimpse of some of the snapshots.

My dear friend Ameya has written something on me as a traveller.Yuppy 🙂

He knows the best,
Who imagines a wide road ahead,

To walk, walk and walk…..

No waiting and looking back,
Go with the vigor, to surpass,
Miles that come ahead of him…

He rather smiles in those exerts,
Sweating, pushing and,

Sometimes feeling too little cold…..

Up he sees the sky, and,
Down the inspiring motherland,

Inviting him to move one step ahead…

This happens always,
Because of his initiation and love,

Seeing in beauty of infiniteness….

He adorns, react & feels great,
Talking to little aspect he touches,

Believing within them a uniqueness….

He is a performer & experimental,
However far he may go and reach,

He likes to be called a traveller…..

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