My trip to Goa; as always memorable with sonorous ever flowing swaras and mesmerising drum beats ; whats more blissful was it was a GURUPOORNIMA function of our Guru.

Ameya writes something for the occasion and the sacred relationship !!

A divine relationship which lasts forever. Whenever a disciple takes a

corner to live under the tutelage of a Guru, he begins his life with a

newer dimension. He feels something different and energizing from there


A guru shishya parampara is a footage stone for generation of all this

mysterious things. Without it, I believe there remains hardly any truth

to find ones existence. Always Guru Shishya Sambhandha has a kind touch,

a touch like wherein Lord Krishna plays his Bansuri, a livelihood when Kanhaiya

finds rare beauty in eating makhan.When a disciple starts learning ocean of

precious knowledge, his anxiety and vigor changes and takes a new stand. The

point to know is he finds himself as a small child, grasping hand to know to

walk at the first instant. Everything looks as beautiful and bountiful.

But here this happens only when the knot between two living glories is strong.

The more important is disciple must believe his Guruji at all the stages, odds and circumstances; then the knowledge protrudes through the insane senses of

individuality. However once this begins, there is an unending stories which shall happen in once life.

Guruji may be any how; one must be Ramdut. Learning to know the pain and kindness in every doing activity. A relationship as is long-lasting, there is belief in the system; (wherein whatever may be the input you fed to it, it shall generate the result accordingly; obviously depending upon the system parameters).

When such relation builds, one gets (assures) respect from both sides. There occurs understanding, belief strengthens and hope sees no limit.

However Guru only remains as the initiator and infinite. Shishya only has to do riyaaz and activities as per the Guruji’s teaching. Once you find a light into doing, more light generates automatically; and you see somewhere different becoming happy each tuned day. All this happens because of “Satguru Krupa”

And when one gets Satguru Krupa, Atma –paramatma meets where individual soul softens to absorb the happiness and difficulties of life.