Thoda saa aaj hum bhi challenge hawa ke saath…

Badli hui hai aaj , yehan ki hawa bohot…

Another trip, another destination; new people , new culture, new kinds of sports but same definition of brotherhood, management and musical notes , of course written in different languages.Life goes on and teaches one to create something of ones own, and let the world get waste if it is not up to ones liking and the taste.Does the life teach the same lesson to everyone? Probably not! Probably not.

Mozart learned it and my dear friends Michael and Armin also .Armin and Michael learned archery and para gliding respectively as well;They also learned how to save time and not to get exhausted with the work they do not like so that they can spend more and more energies into something they love to do.They are free , and they don’t compare themselves with their peers.There is a catch; in my country I don’t find Arm and Mike; we are not free.Are we?

A resounding no !

Some times I used to think , people have every right to say NO to learn new things but at the other time there was this voice from within that- there is no virtue in not knowing something , if that can be known.

Oops…Life till now had been full of analysis,studies,realization and bundle of zeroness.

Its all past , its all gone by.

Main kuch bhi karoon koi tokta nahin tha,
Abb teri aankhein daantti hai….

Jo khud ko bhi maine kaha nahin tha,
Abb teri aankhein jaanti hai….

Main chhalkata tha jis boond ko,
Abb teri aankhien rokti hai….

Thee baatein jo jami -kabhi seene mein mere,
Abb teri aankhein bolti hai….

Bhagta tha jo kisi manzil ki oar,
Abb teri aankhein bulaati hai….

Jo hazaar baar rulaati thee jindagi…
Abb sau baar hansaati hai yeh aankhein,

Pyar mein chhalak jati hai magar,
Gusse mein garajti hai ye aankhein..

Bas who aankhe, do aankhe..badi badi ,gehri aur.. neeli ankhein..
Badi tarsaati hai….is ‘Noor’ ko J..