Ever juggle too many projects? I’m trying to do eight things while traveling and it’s been hard to maintain. In an effort to create more balance in my life, I’m making a change: no more timetables, no more deadlines. Change is coming and it is coming now.

I’ve always been a high-strung person. I work too much, I don’t balance work and play, either it has been too much of work or may be too much of play ,and I make myself vague promises that tomorrow I’ll do things differently — but I never do. Since December, it’s caused me anxiety.

My work/play ethic has been “super full-time,” which normally isn’t a problem, but lately it’s developed into one. I’m juggling too many projects. While I’ve always done that, after talking to a really close friend, I realized that the difference between now and the past was that I did all my previous juggling while in one place. I could create a schedule. Now, I’m trying to do eight things (literally) while traveling, and it’s been hard to maintain.Let us see .