The pure nature and relationship between the  Guru and a disciple .Guru is given by the destiny and efforts in one’s life when student prepares himself for his presence .The ultimate Guru in sanatan and hindu dharma is the Dattatreya (Datta -the meaning is “given” ).It has three dimensions of Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesha -the trinity, symbolizing –desire(Mars),devotion/dedication(Jupiter), discipline (Sun).When Sun (5th house of Fire/Leo) , Mars(1st house of Fire/Aries) and Jupiter(9th house of Fire/Sagittarius) are connected, the student becomes ready for the divine wisdom and discipleship of a Guru .Agni- the ultimate carrier for purification , Jupiter aspecting -with 5th and 9th aspect on Aries and Leo respectively ,purifies dual mindedness symbolizing human errors and indecisiveness -Gemini /Air sign (3rd house)- owned by Mercury -the student.