Buying Tabla in Bangalore

The subject is the most penetrating question in anyone’s mind when he/she is learning the Tabla and needs to know from where a good Tabla should be bought.

Based on my own experience i have noted down a few ways in which one can buy and trying to help in the quest of getting answer to this question. This no way is a complete list, however i would like to thank anyone who would help me in getting this list keep increasing and support in other pointers as well.

What to see before buying a Tabla set :

Dayan with A# shruti (that is kali or Black 5 as per standard convention).

Preferably a original sheesham, black/Delhi sheesham or close to heavy seasoned wood (this helps in getting good sound).

A good shining puri that resonates well on nadam (opening up as in the tin part), sustains more of taa (on chati) bol etc.

Observe thickness of shyaahi is maintained.

Heavyweight– helps in keeping and sustaining sonorous tonal sound. Should be more than 2 Kgs at least.

Bayan with heavy weight of at least 2.5 Kgs. Should be of copper or heavy steel metal etc, which helps in resonant sound. Also points above as mentioned for daya part on puri for open like Dhammm sound, Closed Ghe should be long lasting and nice to hear. No specific shruti here, however check if it is D# or F shruti for a A# to C# dayan.

Where to Buy the instrument :

Shanta Tabla Works: Shri Anantramaiah (is a good Mridangam Player and is very good at making Mridnagam as well as Tabla). Normal turn around time for getting Mridangam done (only on orders) is 2 to 3 weeks and cost is ~14 to 16K. Tabla either can be ready within 2 days or based on availabilty. Cost of a jodi of tabla is < 10K.

382, Old Taluk Cutchery Rd, Near-L V Temple, Sowrashtrapet, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053

Phone: 098440 27006

Veena Musicals:  This is a shop in Jayanagar 4th Block that sells all kinds of Indian and western music instruments.

Address: No.396, 8th Main, 9th Cross, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011. They are god at repairing Veena, Violion, Mridangam and Tabla. They also have ready made Tabla and Mridangams. You need to just check and ask to tune them to the right shruti. Mridangam cost will be < 12K, Tabla cost can vary from 8K to 20K. In my experience i have seen some very good tabla/dagga jodi from Hyderabad – Akbar Miyan, Nasir Miyan, Delhi Tabla, Banaras Tabla from Iqbal Khan and Pune from Somnath Kakde. They don’t sell only Tabla or dagga.

Phone: 080 2657 3399

Manjunath Tabla Makers

If you would know what you need and want a custom one then you can go to him. Turnaround time for 1 jodi tabla making is <10 days. Especially good at Daya puri’s of custom sizes (e.g. 6, 6.5 or 7 inches- as generally the size of a standard tabla puris is ~5.5 to 5.75 inches). Also has ready made puri’s for dayan and bayan

Address: 116, 4th Cross St, Srinivasnagar, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560050

Phone: 081971 51539


All in all – its my experience as well, after effect of learning all kinds of sound making and music is to get enlightened and submerge in to the peace of Silence. Music is nothing but art of using Silence in between.

Mridnagam and singing

Mridnagam and singing : As some of you have been asking how in general Mridangam accompany happens and where is the singing in tandem with main artist- part of Mridangam is established; to demonstrate this beautiful concept i find it important to share this beautiful video. Great Vidvan Shri Palghat Mani Iyer accompanies Great Violinist Prof T N Krishnan. This 7 mins clip contains Mridangam in an attempt to follow Violin and later Thani avartanam i.e. solo by definition of Carnatic Music. Composition in 8 beats i.e.  Aadi taalam.

Musicians without borders part2

musicians without borders part 2Courtesy: carnatic world channel from youtube

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