Rythm Seven is a revolutionary movement  whose goal is to inspire, educate, update, motivate and  inform people on the many areas, streams, artists, styles, repertoire and various  forms yet unknown to them within the world of Indian music and arts.

This movement  reaches out to people and enables these people to work first hand with one another, expressing their ideas and visions while gaining valuable experience in the process. Always free to be creative, imaginative, ambitious, and unified. People who are in love with the music and art world will experience the various ways in which they can contribute their own unique and personal talents which they have gained as an expertise through a long hard work to the end product of each program we develop,whether that is through singing, dancing, writing, creating artifacts, paintings, public relations, stage management or performing with our programs .

We are absolutely determined to leave no stone unturned and no one behind by showcasing their skills in music/art of various forms and try to awaken and enlighten people through different demonstrations and lectures. Not only do we take pride in giving everyone the opportunity to dream, but we take even further joy in helping them realize those dreams by ACTION through DOING.

Who We’d like to meet:
People and organizations that care about the welfare of today’s youth and people who want to explore and enjoy it further.

What we do: Organizing events and teachings on music and art , publication, establishing a network of  contemporary and budding  musicians and artists ,giving platform to the young artists programs and collaboration.

Rythm Seven

Naad-Adheenam Jagat Sarvam

(Muse with Music and Art !)