Let me Go

Gam ki Raah per ,Patthar na bikhero |
Yeh dil hai dil,Ise jara behak jaane do ||

Sheeshe se kabhi ,Koi aashiya nahi banata |
Mirch ko bhi jara, Aankhon se gujar jaane do ||

Bagaawat main bhi bada ,Lutf aane laga hai |
Iis shor main bhi ,Ghul ko khil Jaane do ||

Haqeekat aisi hai ki,Khwab bhi sharama jaye|
Badi aandhi main ,Kaarwen ko badh jaane do ||

Koi farishta idhar hi dekh ,Raha hai mujhako |
“Sopan” dhadakano ko ,Hawaon main uud jaane do ||

Opening up Soul

What’s worth fighting for?
Right? Rights? Truth? Integrity? Success?
Is it too much to aim for these within myself- in my environment-in society-in another person?
Yes I have the option to say no, be passive-aggressive, or simply leave.
That’s what I do in most cases- just leave.
I had myself convinced that it was the right thing, the righteous thing.
Basically, go blacken your souls but I am taking mine out of harms way.
Why does this suddenly seem so cowardly?
Why do all those things that sounded like unimaginative-brain-conditioning-suddenly loom large?
Things like; this is life, learn to face it, you can’t always have it your way, the world is corrupt and inefficient, incompetent and wholly lacking in integrity, morals or work ethics, and they don’t want you if you’re any different, and you have got to learn to work with the system.
Yes, I’ve seen, it’s true that the most worthy and important jobs are handled by the most grabbing, mediocre, myopic persons,So what’s my dharma?

Stick around these types till I have my turn, wander till I find the right people, work hard and good on the fringes? What what what?

As usual, wander seems like a good plan. But I’ll make bloody sure I don’t wander in the moment. That’s all I ever have-the dreams, wander alone till i ….